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Thread: Echo STrimmers?

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    Echo STrimmers?

    As above, I need a new petrol strimmer. Any feedback would be appreciated.

    Many thanks,


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    Not got an Echo strimmer but I have an Echo lawnmower which has been trouble free. I think I got the version with the Honda engine, not sure what a stimmer engine would be.

    Would I buy more Echo stuff - yes, if the price was right!


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    Husqvarna 545RX brushcutter/strimmer (45.7cc)

    I can't rate Husqvarna highly enough, brilliant piece of kit.

    Chuck one of these on it and it's pretty unstoppable.

    Airecut Always razor sharp



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    Honda 4stroke strimmer here, against a shed full of stihl's they have always been quiet and reliable.


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    Back in the day when I used to do proper work I had an Echo strimmer for years, did a lot of very heavy work with it without a hitch. Quite a heavy machine so get a really good harness if you are going to use it for long periods. Again if you are going to use it a lot, I copied the experienced lads and changed the filler hole bolt on the head over to a grease nipple so I could grease it from a gun easily every day.

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    heard good things about echo .I use stihl every day which are good but not as good as they used to be !

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    I had several Echo strimmers and brushcutters at one place I worked (around 2003) very impressed with them back then. I'm going to be looking for one myself soon.

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    Personally i like a stihl for strimmer and husqvarna for saws.
    i have not personally owned a echo but have heard great things about then.
    I have had husqvarna xp chainsaws for years and never had any issues.
    also have stihl fs70C-E strimmer it's never had a issue starts first time every time and will happily eat 4 foot weeds all day. It's slightly thirsty though.

    anything Japanese like 4stroke Honda Kawasaki are great but quite pricey and not very common

    slightly of topic
    i believe at a few saw competition in Canada that run husqvarna saws in the stock class moved over to echo saws to prove there was other saws that could compete.
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    Depends on your intended use and of course budget. Echo are generally good. The larger machines work well with a mulching head, eats brambles!!

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