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Thread: Mitox STrimmers?

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    Mitox STrimmers?

    As above, I need a new petrol strimmer. Any feedback would be appreciated.

    Many thanks,


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    I do not know Mitox. But I have an old Danarm badged strimmer with a Kawasaki motor. The electronic ignition box has failed twice at 30 odd a time and I have cobbled together the centripetal clutch from another similar vintage scrapper. This machine is till starting first time and must be well over 25 years old.

    So if it is a badged Kawasaki engine model I would have every confidence.

    The Oregon Jet-Fit Head system and knobbly Flexiblade strands are so efficient and capable, especially late in the season on harder growth, they make strimmer line obsolete.

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    I bought a Mitox multitool strimmer/hedgecutter/longreach extension/ pruning chain saw all in one. It was fraction of the cost of Stihl. I still have it 5 years later and it starts first pull in spring. Couple of issues - the air filter is a bit of plastic sponge and can get petrol-ly so needs a clean and dry every so often (i've done it twice in 5 years). The really awkward thing is that the carb does run 'out of tune' every now and again and its a special tool to adjust the mixture - 35 each.
    All the bits and the engine have exceeded my expectation of them and I would readily buy another. I have no hesitation in recommending them now as the parts are readily available from China (bit rarer when I bought mine). The tightening arrangement on the multi-tool has failed twice (stripped bolt thread) but its just a standard bolt and washer in a plastic housing which itself is quite robust.
    Like all things mine might have been exceptional but its a fair indication perhaps.
    Buy it from a dealer.

    Dont stand the machine on its end when its running as the exhaust will melt the plastic housing -

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    Steer well clear of Mitox.
    Total disaster.
    I bought one, which was (eventually) replaced under warranty when it fell to bits after a few months. I still use the replacement machine, but I wouldn't accept another one as a gift.

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    Just found out that KAAZ is the Japanese manufacturing company that make the Danarm badged implements...the same machines are sold under KAAZ and other names...presumably all of similar spec. and quality.

    Daniels was the local Stroud engineering company who employed half the area, their subsidiary Danarm were an early maker of chainsaws which went around the world in the forties and fifties. Around here at least, the word Danarm was synonymous with chainsaw. The name now represents virtually a man and his secretary who import and distribute the KAAZ products...still based in Stroud. Excellent spares backup in my experience.


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    Anybody else plagued with Mitox Google adsense things?

    I did a google search on Mitox because I had not heard of them before replying to this thread...and ever since every time I open up another web page I get a flipping Mitox advert...hmmph.


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    Having spent the last 30 years using strimmers on an industrial basis. 2 words Stihl and Huskavanna. if Carlsberg did strimmers , say no more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tusker View Post
    Having spent the last 30 years using strimmers on an industrial basis. 2 words Stihl and Huskavanna. if Carlsberg did strimmers , say no more.
    Sadly, like for like, Stihl are twice the price and mine didnt last as well as the Mitox and was a (theoretically) more powerful machine. For the price I found Mitox a good buy. Powerful thing personal experience.

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