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Thread: bds subs

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    bds subs

    Just got a renewal letter in from BDS, 53quid!!!!

    Maybe I'm just a tight fisted Scot, but is this not just a bit steep?

    I am a member of various orgs and like to give my support, but I'm really thinking of doing a membership cull.

    Just done a quick tally 256quid pa on subs, not counting pheasant syndicate, wildfowling club etc!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don't want this to turn into who's the best org or is BDS any good thread
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    Well what did you expect It is a charity
    They do put out a very good magazine periodically, all glossy and full of good stuff (sometimes)

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    Hi Bambislayer,
    I do not think you are just being a tight fisted Scot, I used to be a member of the BDS, then joint membership with my wife in the CA + BASC. Just belong to BASC now. Saw the light, I think we are shall we say spoilt for choice and they are all after our wanger.


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    Pulled out f basc for the same reason. Support is one thing but it is like giving for charity, The add says just two pounds a month. No it is not. It is another two pounds a month. Soon you do a tally and you find it is like BS 250+ per year. It is only 2 per month if you give to no-one else,

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    I got the paperwork yesterday,they had already taken the money from my account.

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    Agreed. I used to pay for CA, BDS and BASC. Still pay for BDS and BASC.

    I meant to cancel the BDS last year as apart from a DSC level 1 many years ago.. I've had no benefit from them apart from the periodic magazine.

    However if I'd attended more shooting days or regionaly held events I may feel differently.

    But the cost is now for me like many becoming prohibitive to support more then one. I just need to cancel the direct debit now before I get caught for another year!

    For me I've had far better support and assistance from BASC over the years and feel they still offer better value for money. (I know some will disagree)


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    One option to consider is life membership of the BDS. - I paid up my life membership over five years. Rgds JCS

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    BDS and BASC for me. I think BASC provides the best representation for shooters across the uk. I joined BDS last year, a while after I got into deer stalking and I think you get out of these things what you put in. I've attended a couple of their courses and found them to be very good, it depends how active the regional office is and what interest it holds for you. I think the magazine is good and some of the research they do is excellent, although some seems to be done, just to research for the sake of research!!

    Each to their own.

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    I'll be sacking my BDS this year when renewal is due.

    I'll stick with BASC

    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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