Morning all, i bought some Lapua 6.5x284 brass for an old rifle a while back and have just started with fresh brass in the new gun, so this all has to go. I've got just shy of 300 cases. 200 are once fired and the other 80 odd are 3x fired. The 200 are all F/L Sized, all trimmed to length, all neck turned, all wet tumbled and all annealed. This brass is in mint condition and ready to go.

the 200 fully prepped cases will be 100 plus postage (about 9.00) or 50 per 100 plus postage

The other 80, which about 60 are fired, and not resized or deprimed but neck turned and annealed and the other 20 are as above. Ill do these for 30 posted.