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Thread: Howa 1500 vs Sako 75 weight

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    Howa 1500 vs Sako 75 weight

    I currently have a Howa 1500 in .243 coupled with a T8 mod and I find it a very heavy set up especially when stalking on foot. After about an hour I get serious shoulder achage!

    I recently carried a friends Sako 75 for a short distance and found the weight difference noticeable. I forget what mod he had on it now but even with a bi-pod which I do not have on my Howa it seemed so much lighter.

    I like the Skao 75 stainless and am thinking of getting rid of my Howa and T8 and getting a lighter set up.

    Does anyone have any views on the Sako 75 weight compared to the Howa 1500?

    Also can anyone recommend a recent light weigh mod?



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    both companies make an enormous amount of different models so a bit more info may help ?

    however , saying that it would seem you are struggling with the weight of your current set up so you should look to a lighter profile barrel with a lighter stock plus short action if your not already , add to that with a macc tech moderator and you should notice a difference ?
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    I've a Sako 75 Hunter & I have to say I find it heavy. It's 10.5 lbs as illustrated below & 12 lbs with a Jet-z compact moderator on. I almost never use the moderator as it turns it into a complete pig & I would normally have a 6x42 on it.

    I was stalking last night with someone who was using open-sighted Mauser; now that was a handy rifle.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Due to arthritis I needed to reduce weight. I went to a Sako 75 Finnlight, A-Tech Maxim moderator and a Swarovski 3-10x42. It is a very light and handy set up.
    I reduced the weight by over a kilogramme, which was very favourably noticeable.
    Also consider the Tikka T3 Lite.
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    I learnt to stalk using a Steyr UltraLight, which was a very nice rifle - and extremely light!

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    There's never really much difference in the sporting rifle weights - I suffer with a bad shoulder, but find the 7lb mark is the magical figure to try and stick to.

    The Sako 85 is noticeably lighter than the 75, and they do a carbon fibre stock version too.

    I have both a Howa and both a 75 and 85 sako - the real difference is in the bits you stick on them...

    DPT make a reasonable quality but very lightweight moderator, I then put a light 6x42 1" tube scope, a carbon fibre Spartan bipod on, and I find I can carry any of my rifles all day with little issue.

    If I were you I'd just change my moderator and take the bipod off if you use one - replace it with a lightweight quick-detach version.

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    Nothing light weight about my sako 75 all the finesse of a sedge hammer. A two shouldered sling for carrying makes a big difference

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    Only thing I'd add before you splash out on something new would be to try a different style of sling, or carry it slung over your head. It may the way you are carrying it that is giving you jip, not necessarily the rifle itself.

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    My Sako 75 in 308 is 6 5/8 Lb. I carry it all day without any problems

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    Expect more recoil when you reduce weight. Maybe carry it barrel down and see if that helps? Nothing wrong with the weight of a 75 though
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