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Thread: don't want permissions !!

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    don't want permissions !!

    I have lost two of my biggest permissions due to sales and the new owners not wanting guns on the land .
    I would like to offer myself as a shooting buddy to anyone in Essex or Herts [will travel] .
    I am a mature shooter who shoots shotgun in competition that is one reason I don't need my own permissions .
    I am not looking to muscle in on some ones permissions , I think going out on my own is boring .
    I have 17hmr ,222,243, and shotguns ,I have BASC AND CPSA insurance cover a 4x4 and a flask .
    I am open to any shooting arrangement I will not shoot or go to the permission without the buddy who's permission it is .
    They can also come to the small permissions I have kept at any time .

    Thanks Brian

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    Hi Brian,

    i am am really new here but last year I joined Kent wildfowlers. They have zero rifle opportunities but in terms of pigeon / rough they have about five good places. You book online to avoid clashing.

    i have not rejoined because the pigeon shooting wasn't great and they focus on wildfowling (obviously). I have more permissions now so don't really need to pay.

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    Thanks Mate and welcome .


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