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Thread: KKC stock box contents?

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    Question KKC stock box contents?

    I have just taken delivery of a KKC stock, and am surprised to find no paperwork or manual in the box.
    The stock is for a Tikka T3, and apart from the stock the only other part in the box is the recoil lug.
    Two butt spacers are already installed, but should there be more?
    The stock is going back anyway as it has damage to the finish on the nose of the fore end which has been hastily repaired with what looks like nail varnish. The delivery box looks tatty too, so I'm wondering if I have been sent a previously used and returned item.
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    Sorry to hear about the damage, it is always a real bummer when you are looking forward to receiving stuff through the post to find it not up to standard.

    I have a KKC on my Sako 85 and have been very satisfied with its performance, the 2 butt spacers are standard and you can get more from KKC if required, be careful though when you tighten the single bolt on the butt plate. If you are a bit over enthusiastic with the screwdriver you can break the plastic framework inside the plate a bit too easily, a bit of 5 minute epoxy sorted mine though. Also, before you fit the stock I can recommend that you give it a good few layers of Danish oil or similar just to satisfy yourself that it is sealed properly.

    If you have any questions about KKC it may be worth giving Peter Jackson a call as I believe he is the UK importer.

    Good Luck.

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    Thanks for the support.
    Maybe I'm being fussy, but I believe I have the right to be when spending 400+ on a stock. Certainly none of the ~140 Boyds cheapies looked like this out of the box:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Heard good things bout these but yes that would be going back


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    that's very poor , definitely would be sending it back. Be interested in how you find the stock as if I could get one to fit a xs 85 hunter I would be interested ( initially had a GRS but it was cut out for a varmint and I have the hunter so it looked wrong)

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    The stock has gone back to my local RFD who was horrified that the stock had arrived like that. I have asked for either a replacement or a decent percentage discount so that I can have the stock refinished properly. He'll pass that back to Jackson Rifles and I'll keep the thread updated.

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    I have a kkc stock fitted to my m55. It looks like a bit like it was designed by IKEA but it's the most comfortable stock I've ever used.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Got a new KKC for a r/hand Remington 700 SA here for 300.

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    My local gunshop reported that Jacksons can't see any fault with the stock and that was just resin that could be removed.
    They believe a new one is on the way, but I'm now wondering if I will get the same one back again.

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    Looking at that Guesty, I would say they have filled a hole or defect with resin and forgot to clean it off.

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