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Thread: First Munty this year

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    First Munty this year

    ....unfortunately for the munty and for me... I was on the motorbike at the time and hit it side-on at 60mph. You can imagine what happened next! Still more than little shaken up and nursing my injuries. The munty was completely obliterated, quite a sickening sight really.

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    Hope the injuries are not too serious and you have a full recovery. All the best


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    ouch! hope you soon recover and the bike was not to badly damaged

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    Hope you are alright, and heal up soon.

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    Glad to hear you are ok, that must have been quite shocking!
    Out of interest, did you get any photos? I could do with some more for an RTA brief.
    Having seen the damage a munty can do to plenty of cars, I would imagine your bike is a 'write-off'?
    Hope you mend quickly.

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    Hope you get well soon m8,bet it was a hideous shock on a bike .Bikes can be repaired but your here to tell what happened which is the main thing atb
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    Thanks guys.

    I am feeling a bit better this morning, and miraculously suffered nothing more than a bruised toe, sore hip and twisted elbow joint as the bars were pretty violently whipped out of my hands. It launched the bike air-borne, but (and I don't know quite how) some speedy reactions, no doubt helped by a constricted sphincter (!), saw control regained even though I ended up off-road. It helped that the bike was a KTM Duke super-motard (a big 625cc single cylinder thumper) with very long and tough suspension and wide bars. Had it been the road-bike, I would have been off, no question. I was too badly shaken up to even think about photos, but with hindsight ought to have taken some.

    The bike (again, scratching my head to understand just how it wasn't badly damaged) had tufts of fur embedded in the lower right suspension axle collar but no other damage!

    I walked back up the road and the impact no only send me skywards but the deer ended up some 10 yards further down the road on the opposite carriage-way from the initial point of impact. It's insides were strewn across the carriage-way, it's shoulder was poking up through its fur and I think looking at how mangled the shoulder joint was that the front wheel hit the rib-cage, instantly killing the deer and shattering the ribs then the front right suspension fork shattered the shoulder, ripping through skin and bone. It all happened in an instant so hard to really tell. The deer was left on its side with kidneys and liver 5 yards away, the gut eviscerated and it must have been stone dead on first impact. It was dragged off the road and the carriageway made safe for other road users. No-one stopped to offer a hand even though it was obvious what had just occurred!

    I thank my lucky stars that my guardian angel was watching over me! It could have been very different, very easily had I not been switched on and reacted quickly. To add insult to injury I hit a large pile of gravel spilt from the back of a truck strewn across the carriageway some 20 miles further down the road just after the apex of a blind down-hill bend on my way home and again, only a few swift reactions saved the day. Needless to say I don't really feel like getting back on the bike for a few days!
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    glad to hear you are ok but as i am ex biker best to ride it first thing

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    It's amazing how people will go about there daily business as if your not there. Sounds like you had a lucky escape, I would suggest buying a lottery ticket this weekend!

    Not in the same league as your accident, but a few years ago now I had a broken leg and was hobbling round Glasgow on crutches in the rain. I misplaced my crutch and fell flat on my face. Not only did no one help me up, but one bloke actually stepped over me as if I wasn't there!!

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    I've no worries about getting back on the bike as have had far worse accidents on the mountain bike in the past not to mention a few on motorbikes over the years. Interesting observation on the general public though....most wont want to get involved in case it makes them 5 minutes late for their favourite TV programme, or the pub or whatever...some I guess find the whole thing too squeemish and others seem to have lost the capacity for charity. I had a similar experience to you Co1 many years back when I tore my ankle ligaments slipping off a high kerb (it was pouring with rain and I slipped whilst trying to run across the road to get to shelter) and literally had to drag myself home before being taken to hospital. Not one person stopped to help (including other pedestrians). That was in the middle of town (in the days I lived in Plymouth).

    I'm out after the Munty next week, this time hoping to take one by more conventional means!

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