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Thread: White Sika

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    White Sika

    Fascinating shots of the white sika in Dorset on Spring Watch.

    I'd be interested if anyone has seen a white sika in any of the other UK herds.

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    Never seen any other white Sika than the ones down the road from me.
    I have seen plenty of pure white Fallow, both wild and park, and in one park do sometimes assist with culling of them.

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    Are your white sika part of the same herd as was on TV 85?

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    I beleive they are, yes.
    Lakey and Pheasantsniper have done some good photos of them.

    There is one chap who has the stalking for them, but I don't think he sells many, if any.

    You get a few others scattered around the Purbecks, and a few were shot this year.
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    I guess the gene is unique to the South Dorset population, I've never heard of their existence in Scotland or Bowland??

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