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Thread: .308 magazines for AICS AW

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    .308 magazines for AICS AW

    I have two of these 10 shot AICS mags for the AW version. These are brand new, I ordered the wrong ones as these are twin stack TWIN FEED not the single feed version, they are NOT interchangeable so please be sure they are compatible with your action. No good to me so a good buy for the right buyer at 50 for the pair 30 individually.

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    Yes please.. Pm on its way

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    Reply sent, please confirm receipt, my first post on the Classifieds so getting used to system. Best TDP

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    Hi Jamie I am posting on the 'open forum in case someone will educate us both! This area of AICS mags for the different versions seems a bit of a minefield. I asked one of the specialists on this 'system' in the UK to give me some guidance I can't say they were particularly helpful. Mine was a Remy 700 SA and I ordered the mags and picked them up in the States BEFORE I picked the rifle up from my RFD doh! So I had the mags over and ordered the right ones in the UK with the associated cost pain! As stated these are TWIN FED mags so the feed lips are wider apart, they would feed if you held the mag in place but the mag latch hole was approx 2mm lower than the single feed mag so they actually wouldn't latch into my bottom metal hence my comment about b I got sure they will be compatible with your platform. If you are happy with this they are yours on my return but please be sure this is 'no returns' sale. Graham

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    Can I ask which stock you had? Was it the ax or at? Or different stock with ai bottom metal?

    i believe that the "at" runs the single feed and the "ax" runs the double.. But having had no experience with the ax and a Remmy action in not sure..

    i have also also posted in another section for clarity..

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    To my shame Jamie, I can't tell you for certain. I saw the gun on Guntrader and the owner was working in the Middle East (don't ask!) I bought the gun with a really decent set of rings a Harris and a custom muzzle brake for 830, the kind of price you don't say "I don't like the colour" and turn it down. I had it about six months put a Timney adjustable in it put a couple of hundred rounds through it and sold it to club member about six months ago for 1000, he still has it. Never saw any stamping on the bottom metal to identify it definitively. You are welcome to pick up from me in NE Somerset if you want to try them in your chassis before buying, otherwise wil send as stated on a one returns basis or if anyone is certain they can use them on this basis then fine. they are OEM mags stamped with the AI logo and from a reputable source.

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    Sorry should read 'a no return basis' NOT 'a one return basis' just to clarify.

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    Where abouts in n.somerset are you? Rough postcode or town.. I do have some family nr winscombe

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    I will take these fully aware that they are the wide lipped mags if jiminic doesn't
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image.jpeg 
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ID:	70178Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image.jpeg 
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ID:	70178Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image.jpeg 
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ID:	70177which is BA11. We are back on 27/5 could arrange for you to drop over from 28/5 will pick up with you on our return. There is another interested buyer as you will note so please don't feel any obligation if you are uncertain but will hold at your request. Does this picture help? Graham
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