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Thread: Advice on buying woodland near Monmouth

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    Advice on buying woodland near Monmouth

    I am looking for some help.
    Been looking for a while and found only one 'woodland' supplier (based in Cheshire) and 2 sites, one near vertical, the other too small (and expensive).
    Naturally looking to manage for wildlife, do a bit of shooting, feed the fire and generally make it better. I'm keen on rare wildflowers and like painting.

    Do I just ask all local agents to keep an eye out or is there a better way ? I dont think a simple ad in the local paper etc would be helpful. Anything 5-20 acres would be good, higher end preferable. Happy to share (and stalking).
    Thanks in advance

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    John Clegg, at Haddenham will send regular propert info. It will list your relevant mineral rights AND sporting/shooting rghts status for each property.

    The "woodlands" one seems to sell small plots with restrictive covenants "unfriendly" to shooting. It seems to promote widespread recreational interest of small, very small parcels of land. I'd avoid.

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    They do tend to be small and expensive but will happily tell you if the sporting rights are included. Just might get lucky with them and it is free to get emailed for the area you are interested in.


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    Thanks chaps I'll e-mail John C and see what he can let me have.

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    +1 for a steer away from Woodlands.
    Also try the woodland/forestry advisors (the guys that organise the management /grant paperwork) in your area, otherwise talk to the forestry contractors/coppice association etc. The guys in the industry tend to know of the patches that never get to market and estates that might be open to selling off a small outlying wood.

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    the larger area you buy the cheaper per acre.
    so it would pay to share and get a decent size woodland.
    Smaller plots are selling around 9K - 10K acre.
    a plot of 5 acres will probably cost 50K
    and means you will have a dozen similar neighbours.
    Woodlands with absentee owners are liable to be abused by bikers, poachers,
    travellers etc.

    If I had the money spare I think 200K in woodland is not a bad LONG term investment
    alas I`ve only got a couple of Grand and
    I aint got long term anymore.

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    have a look at - members organisation for every one from small woodland owners to the large commercial and everything in between.

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    Hi Heym, I've tried the link but its inoperative for some reason - can you re-post it please ?

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    [QUOTE=kes;1115541]Hi Heym, I've tried the link but its inoperative for some reason - can you re-post it please ?

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