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Thread: RTA dispatch (again[emoji35])

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    RTA dispatch (again)

    Pal has twice now come across RTA with deer where it was obviously bu55ered and in distress & suffering yet cops on slocation refuse to let him dispatch with weapon .... Ok
    He offered to do it with knife to stop unnecessary suffering yet told no .... He actually went off his own back got local SSPCA guy with captive bolt to do the job

    Firstly what are the laws ( Scotland) regarding do' & don't ?

    Secondly ( if was me yes) does he gave right to complain to the local chief regarding unnecessary suffering caused by his officers?

    I think the concern was upsetting Joe public who were on scene ...... Surely their feelings should take a back seat ?!
    This happened couple times now to my knowledge


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    Unnecessary suffering charge against the police IMHO , down here police liase and move crowd along with traffic management for everyone's safety while we discretely get the job done .
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    If I turned up at an RTA and the police on scene told me they didn't need any help i'd drive on and forget about it.

    Why does your mate feel the need to meddle?

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    Full marks to your mate for wanting to end its suffering.

    Maybe it's different up North, but down here many constbularies are starting schemes that rely on registered and approved HAD "operatives".

    Maybe he could inquire as to whether a similar scheme operates up there?
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    But some Constabularies down here, notably Devon and Cornwall, have stopped calling out deer stalkers/managers and have reverted to handling them themselves with results that by any measure are not acceptable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jubnut View Post
    If I turned up at an RTA and the police on scene told me they didn't need any help i'd drive on and forget about it.

    Why does your mate feel the need to meddle?

    He was there just before the police
    I didn't say after the police then butted in

    Also back end was gone but beast dragging itself around the bloody road & roadside but front legs ..... Now you telling me you quite happily carry on whilst that going on in front of you ?
    You happy to watch that kind of suffering ?

    It's not a case off meddling .... It's a case of unnecessary suffering caused by a couple of balloons in a uniform with no bloody idea what they were doing ..... & ONLY reason my mate didn't just jump in and cut its throat was fear of losing his certs after being told not to touch it !


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