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Thread: Salford deer.

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    Salford deer.

    Someone has sent in a photo of a pair of Roe doe in a Salford garden to the local telly news channel, it was just a quick piece of news no details, any one know more about urban deer in Manchester area?
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    If they are in Lancashire they will be 'Red Rose'

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    Lots of them!
    My pal is a bobbie in Salford (actually Ordsall) and was tasked to move a deer on as it was disrupting traffic in the city centre just this week.

    I spent 3 days last week following nothing but does in Scotland. I came home to find a young roe buck eating the flowers on my front drive. I live on a cul-de-sac just a couple of miles from central Manchester.
    Lots of roe in the parks nearby, and on the local Metrolink system

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    I live in Salford and the numbers of deer are definately on the increase. It would appear that they are travelling up the motorways as these are relatively undisturbed by people and if they can avoid being run over they seem to do well. They also seem to be spreading up the Irwell Valley, large areas of which are woodland and old industrial sites.
    One of the lads who posts on here has a farm just off the M60 and we see deer regularly when foxing.
    There was an article not long ago where somebody reported seeing deer on one of the adjoining farms. Within days people were all over the place asking if they could come on and "shoot stuff". Some of these were SGC holders.....And then you get the dog men!

    I was working on a blokes house a few months back and I noticeed he had a couple of dogs in a kennel out back. When I asked what they were and that I did a bit of shooting he couldn't help himself and he told me the terrier, though a bit old now had seen a bit of action and his 2 bullXlurchers were great on the deer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brianm View Post
    If they are in Lancashire theywill be 'Red Rose'

    Cant believe how long it tool me to get that

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    i've seen Roe on the M56
    and that was a few years ago seems like the Bollin is no deterent

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    Will they be calling it PERI-URBAN deer in england as well or will they just be simple urban deer

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    I've also heard there are Muntjac near Worsley - hopefully they are not long in making there way down to the Macclesfield area....

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    There seem to be a plenty roe around here, and have heard maybe the odd one of the larger variety. There are muntjac on the outskirt's of bolton too, a friend has seen them in his garden

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