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Thread: Lake District Stalking in September

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    Lake District Stalking in September

    I'm on holiday near Windermere in the last week in September and ideally looking for a mornings stalking on Monday 26th. Here the problem though, the place were staying has no fridge, so if I get a beast I'd need to leave it in the stalkers larder until the end of the week when I would come and skin it and break it down into joints for the journey home. Bit if a pain I know. Can anyone make recommendations?


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    Co1, the man to contact is Laurie Walton, (lakeland deer & habitat management) 017687 74223. Laurie is a true gent, and also a BASC assessor, and runs DSC course to boot! they do Red & Roe

    you will not be disappointed

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    Indeed Laurie and his son Alastair are great guys but with the road closure etc I know the stalking has been disrupted at Thirlmere this year.

    Another excellent guide is Jonathan Standing who I did my level 2 with and has a larder. Best to get him on the phone after dark on 015395 52252.

    I have never stalked with Lowther but they do offer guided stalking Red deer stalking | Lonsdale Estates


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    Keswick to windermere road via thirlmere is now open
    +1 for Laurie true gent

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    Great stuff guys thanks. I'll be making some calls this week! Just had a quick Google and from what I can work out they are both within 30 mins drive or so.

    All the best
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