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Thread: Sako Finnlight .30-06 Ammo ideas??

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    Sako Finnlight .30-06 Ammo ideas??

    Hi I've just got my self a sako finnlight in .30-06 and I plan to reload. But first I'm trying different factory ammo then What ever shoots best I'll try and replicate home loading. The question is does any one have a sako finnlight in .30-06 and what ammunition do you have succes with? I want a range of gr so plan on developing a lighter 100+ gr round a medium 140-170gr round and a heavier 180+gr.

    I do understand even identical rifles shoot ammunition differently but I hope to get some kind of starting point. I am finding it very difficult to find factory ammunition in .30-06 only got 180gr sako/ Hornady and 165gr federal to try after visiting 4 shops.

    Thanks in advance

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    I own a t3 in 30-06 and a friend has a new finnlight and both shoot Sako 123gn ammo really well along with 180gn Hornady.

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