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Thread: Last night in Norfolk...

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    Last night in Norfolk...

    Evening all,

    I had the opportunity at some Roe stalking on a friends piece in Dereham last night. So we set off for the 140 mile trip early enough to get there and set up some lightweight seats and get some fish and chips/pint!

    We arrived around half five and quickly set too driving ad=round the small farm which is mainly horse livery setting up my seat in a natural crossroads between four five fields. Then onto my friends which we set up against an Oak overlooking two sides to a wood and huge headland on what looked like a diamond shaped rape field that must have been some 50 acres.

    After this we had a little drive around to look at the other plantations and headlands. Didn't see any deer, but did see lots of signs in plantations where the Roe had grazed the hell out of the young trees (between the 2-3ft mark). Then we cleared off to the local town for some fish and chips (which incidentally my mate won - i'll tell you how...)

    I drive a lot in the course of my work and l think l have a pretty good judgement on distance, anyhow earlier in the afternoon we got off the A14 nr Newmarket, and we looked at the satnav and l said "Fifty five miles to Norwich? That can't be right to Dereham - your satnav cant be right - where the hell is it talking us?" my mate knows l drive a lot of miles but suggested that l was talking poo. So we had a bet that it it was wrong (me) - anyhow it took us almost 20 miles to see a road sign for Norwich and the wager was buying fish and chips - guess who lost

    Back to stalking....(and me down by 10's worth of food and a pint)...

    We got back to my seat in the truck for 7:30, on our way to the seat we saw a Roe Doe in one of the fields grazing away - so we thought we would definitely see some boys!

    I got to my seat and stood gun up, went to the gate that opened into the fields behind and scanned with the bino's across some rough ground - 4 Roe! Two Does near me, and one of each in the field adjacent to where my mate was sat - so i quickly phoned him and said - look to your right l can see a buck - little did l know that the field dropped away some 15ft into a gully - which l could see -but he couldn't...

    Anyway l then got into the seat, and within twenty minutes l had two Does in front of me in the plantation l was overlooking, one to the left along the headland, and two to my right happily grazing away....Ten minutes mate shot, all mine scampered, and three further Does came out the barley to my right - all went behind me....No Boys....

    By 10:00pm l'd seen best part of 12 Does l think....three foxes...NO BUCKS!!! My mate only saw the one which we bought home with us!

    They are out there.... (looking for little smiley that looks like that bloke from X files!)

    We left Dereham at 10:40, and got home at 1am....things we do for stalking...!


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    all them does there will be a fella cutting about somewhere.
    next time mate next time ha ha

    good luck mate f.

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    nice evening out mate , shame no bucks but they will be there some where im sure !

    cheers lee

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    nice writeup,next time things might go your way.did you manage to nail any of those foxes?

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    I have to say the Bucks are being rather more elusive this year so far. Mind you I always think May and early June are not the best times for the bucks, they always seem to go to ground for a while, when the doe's are having their fawns. Still as you so rightly say they are out there, its just finding them, and thats what makes every day different in the world of stalking.

    Best of luck for the next time.


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    Cracking write up, but sorry to hear about the lost wager on the fish & chips

    We've seen plenty of bucks here, but getting them in the crosshairs is proving a bit more elusive.

    Never mind, soon be the rut

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    I am seeing lots of does & kids, but very few bucks. Nice write up, sorry about the bet though

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    Well gents,

    We've been chatting again today and l've been told 'we're' going back at the start of the rut to see if we can thin them out a bit, as they are there. With regards to the foxes, no i'm afraid - l was specifically told to shoot Roe, and to leave them, l think the deer are shot a lot all around the surrounding land, which leads us to think that they seem to think that the peice we've been on is a 'safe' ground, and shooting foxes will only push them on....besides for some reason the owner likes them (she's the hunting type) Also you wont get asked to go again if you dissobey orders!

    Needless to say - l've been asked to go again!


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