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    Anyone give me advice, and thoughts on the calibre 25-06. I am thinking of getting another spare barrel set up for my 202, and would like to know what people that have used this calibre think of it. Its use on roe deer, and reds, is ammo easily purchased ?.


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    Great round. I have a .25-06 on a 202. 100 grain Nos BT superb accuracy and will knock down anything in the UK!

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    Its a very nice caliber - I used it to cull a couple of fallow bucks last year and its comfortable to shoot, very flat shooting and definitely knocks them down!

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    Just started using one after leaving the 270 to sulk, very pleased with results so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorsettaff View Post
    Great round. I have a .25-06 on a 202. 100 grain Nos BT superb accuracy and will knock down anything in the UK!
    +1, I use the same and the POI and POA is pretty much the same from 50 - 150m (zeroed at 100m). But there has been a shortage of Nos 100gr BT recently even at the Nosler factory, having spoken to them they are making more!

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    Great calibre. Very accurate. Works well on Munties to Reds without a problem. Go for it!

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    I started my stalking career using an estate rifle 25-06 and shot quite a number of deer with it. On the open hill put cross hair where you want bullet and squeeze. This was in the days pre mod and pre range finders being widely available.

    But because it's fast, 3,200 fps, it causes a lot of carcass damage if a close range shot is taken and bullet choice and placement is not perfect. If a lot of your stalking is woodland / close range then I would look at something a bit slower - 6.5x55 etc.

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    Excellent cartridge/cal. wouldn't change & been using this for 14 years. 100gn will certainly do most, but stags in the rut need the 110gn Accubond. Some prefer a heavier bullet, but the 110gn works just fine on big stags.
    Blaser K95 Luxus Kipplaufbüchse .25-06Rem. Zeiss 8x56, 110gn Nosler Accubond = Game Over!

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    When I was looking for advice regarding which calibre to buy for my first centre-fire I spoke to Callum Ferguson, renowned gun smith from Tomintoul. He recommended three calibres and this was one of them. I've used it for two years now (in a Sako 75) and I have no desire to change. It's flat and very accurate, and for me it has knocked over roe and red with no problems out to 200m (more confident/competent shooters could, I'm sure, stretch this distance easily. I've never had the inclination to push it).

    As for ammunition, I've always used Federal Premium 117gn. Why? Because that's what I've always used and have never had an issue with them. They have not always been easy to get hold of so I generally buy several boxes at a time and put in an order well before I get desperate. I've heard that Hornady SST are easier to get hold of but I've never had the need to experiment.
    I don't have the experience with other calibres to tell you that this is better or worse than others, but I'm really happy with it. Brezny, in his book about Long Range shooting, waxes lyrical about this calibre, numerous keepers use it (see ) and Callum Ferguson's recommendation is worth something too.

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    Had a few runners lately with SST 117grain
    ( home loaded)
    Not much meat damage at all on roe, I'm convinced they are quite hard on roe &. Not expanding greatly

    Overall tho I've had this calibre for near ten years now over two different rifles a sauer 202 & now a Russel gall custom build on a BAT action & I wouldn't hesitate to get another

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