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Thread: House security for firearms

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    House security for firearms

    Bit of a strange 1

    If the police come out and decide ur security is not wot they would expect/up to standard, wot happens next?
    Would they take guns off u? or ask u to put them in storage until u can improve security?
    Can they fine u or point against u at renewal?

    I realise the safe storage is up to me and i have to justify it

    Basically i'm moving home soon, and my house sold far quickier than i really expected (4 days) i've got a big renovation job on with my new house so living in a static caravan joined on to an outbuilding.
    I have spoke to firearms dept previously as had caravan floor up and was going to weld an anchor plate to chasis but they said they'd prefer cabinets in the out building. The outbuilding has my toilet/shower etc in it so strictly speaking is not occupied i will be out and in often.

    I'm more worried about the security of the outbuilding itself, old fashioned single glazed windows with no locks and poor quality door locks, got the sparky booked in to put an alarm on it and seperate alarm in the locked cupboard where gun safes will be.
    I think with alarm it should be ok and possibly some window locks (but they could easily break the glass so a bit pointless?) but looking like i could be in for 2 weeks afore he can come out to alarm it all.

    The chances of anyone breaking in are tiny, its the type of place u'd otherwise not bother locking doors or taking keys out ur motor.
    Guns will be well locked up and cabimets well anchored to wall/concrete floor in a locked cupboard (but u could soon kick throu door if u really wanted) and same with external doots/windows but then again if someone wants in they will get in

    I have read throu the relevant areas of security handbook and don't think i'm far away but with alarm i think would be well covered just wether poice agree and if they come out in the initail 2 weeks to check (not even sure if they come out to check in my area anymore, never checked any of my previous moves)

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    Police should consider three levels of security

    1) Surrounding area and general level of crime

    2) The security of the property its self - external walls, doors etc.

    3) Finally the security of the guns themselves.

    I would n't be storing guns on the property until you are comfortable with the security in general. Put them with a friendly RFD until you are confident your storage is up to scratch.

    Given the outbuildings will be used for storage, and chances are will be used for storage in the future I would certainly invest in some secure door locks and window locks. Indeed what about some gratings over key windows etc? Will you be using these outbuildings to store tools etc.

    My personal view on alarms is that faulty alarms are so prevalent these days that nobody bothers to respond. Stopping people getting in in the first place is probably better option and I would spend the money on better primary security.

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    if your alarm is monitored you should be fine, mine is monitored and someone needs to go through 2 areas before police is called but if the go into gunroom police are called immediataly, not sure if yours is not monitored but you seem to be taking all reasonable precautions, if i were you i would call the FEO an discuss it


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    I would first consider if I could store them at a family home - is there one available? Naturally you would have the keys and no-one but you would have access - I'd talk the specifics over with the FEO, if thats a possibility.
    Next, do you have a RFD who is helpful ? - costs can be a bit high - I have been quoted as low as 2 per gun per month, up to 12/month per section 2 or 1 firearm, so ask first.
    I'd then consider whether on site storage is a possibility.
    Each to his own approach.

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    At a minimum I'd consider separate, locked, storage of the bolts and if shot guns fotenfs from the guns. How many guns do you need immediate access to 24/7 during the project? The RFD storage of guns other that those requiring access at unsocial hours may be an option to offer?

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    I have thought about RFDing them for the 2 weekd till i get alarms in.

    Where i know i will fall short is locks (think just 3 lever) and windows not up to BS standard, but i can't see the point replacing them as the windows are the weakest link so even with window locks u'd just smash the glass and instead of opening window u'd take piece out of the frame and climb throu. Thats why i thought an alarm over replacing locks.
    For all it technically is an outbuilding, carvan will be almost joined to it and using it daily for a toilet/shower and taking dirty gear off to try and keep caravan relatively tidy

    if u use the 3 zone thing
    In an area off low crime so not really a problem, and zone 3 guns are well seperated and secured in decent cabinets.
    It's really the zone 2 i'm midly concerned with,

    The guns/bolts/ammo are stored in 2 seperate cabinets anyway and might buy a 3 rd safe for ammo and all keys are kept seperately and all 2/3 will be in a big locked cupbard so out of sight, but again only an internal timber/carboard door. Have thought about lining door with steel but then u have to strengthen hinges/studs and locks etc, where do u stop?
    So i've really taken as many precautions as u can

    Once i get house built guns will move into house in a more normal situation, just probably take a year.
    I think i am worrying over nothing and i have spoke to firearms dept couple of times and tried to get them to come out to advise but they weren't that keen as so busy.
    Just don't want to upset them or have them say not up to standard, any tme in past have always said there is no problem as well secured to building

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    If you're putting in an alarm. Can you put a sounder in the cupboard with the gun cabinet? That way once triggered it'd be hard to stick around and "work on" the final layer of security.

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    Sounds like you're doing plenty, Countrryboy.
    No need to go OTT otherwise it'll just be a PITA for you every time you want a gun out.
    Reasonable precaution against unauthorised access is all that's required.

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    Cheers vss, i think i have been over thinking it possibly.
    Just the house/bothy security is not as secure as i'm used too, but there must be loads of farmhouses/cottage about with guns and old windows and doors.

    I am still planning to put 2 alarms in 1 for main building and a seperate zone? for gun cupboard

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