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Thread: BRNO ZKK601 in 308

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    BRNO ZKK601 in 308

    I have the above gun and am just waitng on delivery of a boyds thumbhole stock, as the stock doesnt really fit me, also I am not keen on the swivel out spring magazine, is it possible to change this for a take out magazine, and can it be fitted myself or would it need a gunsmith, if imchanging the stock i might as well change the mag at th same time ,,,IF its possible


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    Keep it as standard..whats the prob you have with the hinged floorplate..
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    I understand about the stock. My mate had one, and it had a very low comb. I'm unaware of any magazine conversion for the ZKK601, but as exmarksman says, what's up with the hinged floorplate? They're quick and easy to unload.

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    just would prefer a detachable mag, will see what its like with the new stock

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