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Thread: New Member from Somerset

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    New Member from Somerset

    Just to briefly introduce myself - oldish guy been a centre fire user for > 40 years. Stalker for nearly 30 years mainly red and roe with a few fallow thrown in. Help out with a professional stalker/deer manager use a Blaser 6.5 x 55 and a Blaser 22.250 for fox + 3 other c/f rifles. Been reloading about 20 years (Terrible anorak I'm afraid with my reloading). 2 Spaniels and keen game shot gunner, load about 60 days a season between 3 commercial shoots. to whom I give quite a bit of time foxing for them using upmarket N/V and a Foxpro caller.

    Retired from banking at 50 and recently became a partner in a gun repair business to run the admin side. Belong to several other forums under the name of dicehorn- generally use forums to learn and give opinions/advice


    Well that's me!!

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    Hi Peter, welcome to SD! I'm also West Somerset based, and there are a few more of us here, as well as quite a few from neighbouring Dorset and Devon.

    Plenty of opinions and advice on here - get stuck in!


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    Hi Pete,great intro was that you in this June sporting rifle I just read ?
    Atb Andy

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    Quote Originally Posted by wint View Post
    Hi Pete,great intro was that you in this June sporting rifle I just read ?
    Atb Andy
    Pippa thanks for your kind words - yes there a few handles on here that I know from other forums.

    Andy - yes that is me - its not until I see photos of myself do I appreciate how old I am/look

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    Welcome Peter, I'm sure you will bring a wealth of knowledge to the forum.

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    Hi Peter,

    Roll on retirement if thats what it brings

    Welcome to the site, as Pippa says "Plenty of opinions" on here.

    Have to admit thats what makes it so interesting and such a good learning experience

    Plenty of Roe sunning themselves along the M5 today in your neck of the woods.



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    Peter - welcome. And may I say how refreshing it is to see a newcomer to the forum take the time and trouble to introduce himself with a proper resume of his shooting life. I am sure you have a lot to offer your fellow members.
    KevinF -

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