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Thread: Swan and Otter

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    Swan and Otter

    I am fortunate to have a pond 50 yards from my front door - a couple of acres of water, rushes and scrub. The current population is a pair of mute swans, 6 cygnets, one of last years young and a whooper swan who broke a wing tip on the power line in February 2015. The carry on between the pair of mute swans and the other two makes Game of Thrones look like handbags.
    This evening there was a tremendous commotion just after I fed the family some oats. There was a dark shape in the water and the cob was going berserk. Assuming it was a mink I legged it down to the pond looking for the largest stone I could find to give a hand. To my amazement the cob was beating the tar out of a 3/4 grown otter and he really did not need any help from me. He was hissing furiously and beating the otter with paddles and wings. The otter was hiding in tree roots in shallow water, bleeding from head wounds . He came onto dry land but went back when he saw me.
    Now mute swans are two a penny in comparison with otters, but I rather hope the otter goes somewhere else for his tea!
    To crown it all I dropped the phone on the way down so no photos.


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    Fishing on the River Deveron I witnessed an otter kill 2 nearly fully grown signets in a week. Over a few months there was carcasses everywhere. Not 100% it was all down to the same otter or whether there was a few but the rest of the wildlife took a big hit that year.

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    I was fishing from a boat with my son, years ago, and saw a pair of Canadian geese hissing at a cocker spaniel off his leash. The goslings jumped into the lake, and when the dog got too close, the geese each grabbed an ear and pulled him in and drowned him, right in front of his tourist owners.

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