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Thread: Trasit through Johanasberg airport

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    Trasit through Johanasberg airport

    Off to Namibia very soon. Going via Jo,berg. Could anyone with the experience tell me. Do we go through Passport control on arrival or just go straight to connecting flights.
    cheers guys, Tusker

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    hi tusker ,just got back from another trip there ,you will have a great time ,straight through JBRG passport no bags to collect as yours will go straight through (nice airport really safe and clean) avoid any porters asking for a tip re your guns !!then through hand luggage search/security bleep machine into departure terminal .all good .
    When you get to Windhoek again through passport (you need a visa and get this as you arrive in terminal no fee just a form )firearms is a small office 15 yards from passport control straight in front behind the wall ,often un manned .... just find someone and tell them you are waiting for firearms ,word of warning I had moderators taken this time pm me for info you will need a Namibia firearms form completed ,and your invite but real easy stuff ........

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    LJS, thanks for taking the time to talk. Put my mind at ease. Thanks.

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    have a great time in Namibia and post a few pics

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