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    Hi all ive been stalking for around 20 yrs all over the British Isles and America ive shot red, roe, fallow, sika and whitetails. I live in Ashington with my wife and family and have some local stalking in northumberland. Looking forward to getting to know somemore stalkers.

    Cheers Jeremy.

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    Hi Jeremy, and welcome. I was in Ashington the other week. There's an interesting fact for you.

    DC .270

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    hi jeremy welcome to the site i live on tyneside
    atb tom

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    Hi mate , welcome to the site . Im from Durham. Living in Ashington you must own a lurcher ?????

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    hi mate,

    work just down the road from you in morpeth.

    Nice work having some local stalking.


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    i once spent new years eve in Morpeth and drank 12 pints of LCL in the clubs in Ashington on New years day, not bad for a soft southerner! first time i'd ever eaten ham and peas pudding sandwiches. what a place! love the north east.

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