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Thread: Supporters club Draw, - Prizes

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    Supporters club Draw, - Prizes

    Dear All,

    Forgot to put up the prize list for next quarters draw - oops! Anyway they are as follows,

    Vortex 8x28 binoculars from Moray Outfitters,

    Caldwell Chronograph from 1967 spud,

    The ever popular quad sticks from Limulus.

    I think it bears mentioning again that the prizes we offer are supplied to us at a very handsome discount, without which we would be unable to offer the quality of prizes that we do. So we owe a big thank you not only to our supporters but also suppliers as one could not exist without the other, a truly symbiotic relationship.

    So thank you one and all.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    GREAT lineup this month, fingers crossed!

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    Ooh, lovely. Any of that will do nicely!
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    Looking forward to receiving my winnings! (wishful thinking mode on)
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