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Thread: Sore paws?

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    Sore paws?

    I have the impression that my lab's front paws are troubling him though he never licks or bites them. There's nothing to see on his pads or between his toes but he walks agonisingly slowly when on a hard surface with his front legs slightly splayed. On grass he walks normally. He can run up and down stairs and jump out of the car. I'm a bit baffled. Does this ring any bells with anyone please?

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    How old is you dog. Are his pads soft?

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    He's 8. His pads are not soft.

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    Are any joints hotter further up the leg after exercise , could be start of arthritis, I have used glucosamine tablets and powders on my dogs and horses, it does appear to make the joints move more freely.

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    I think I might know this one.
    You need a torch and gently spread his toes and look at the soft pink skin between the toes.
    If he has been out a lot in wet grass and or mud he may have scold or trench foot. I don't know what else to call it.
    Kind of reddening of the skin from getting wet every time he goes out.
    A pea sized blob of germoline or savlon between each toe could be the answer.
    Our lab had the vet baffled looking for bad joints,thorns etc- no clue.
    On night on his evening he walked up the muck heap to avoid a big muddy puddle and ten minnutes later with the torch I spotted the red skin. Once it stopped raining every day it cleared up.
    Good luck.

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    Thankyou Bryan, I'll look into it though there's a lot of hair between his toes making it hard to see the skin. I've more or less convinced myself that his pads are slighty swollen, causing his toes to splay out more than seems normal when he plants a paw. It's been dry here for some time.

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    On second thoughts I think his pads probably are softer than they ought to be but can't think why as we walk in all the same places as before. I'm going to try a little surgical spirit.

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    Lavender oil is pretty good for firming up dogs pads. I had an issue with one of my cockers during the winter, and it worked a treat, put it on the dog twice a day when in the kennel.


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    Thanks. I've learned teabags (tannin) also works so I'm trying that (limitless supplies!).

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    It transpires that it is much more serious than I thought, a problem not with the pads but with the structures within the feet. Arthritis or worse. Still don't understand how arthritis could cripple a healthy dog within a month or so.

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