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Thread: Federal Powershok .308 -150g ammo shortage

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    Federal Powershok .308 -150g ammo shortage

    Hi all,

    I am trying to source 3 boxes of federal Powershok 150g 308 ammo , I have tried the sportsman in Newport , and CSS in Cwmbran , both in South Wales, they either saying they out of stock or don't stock, is it a local issue for me or is it national, I have bought federal ammo in the past locally,

    Thanks in advance


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    Jon hardly a national or international shortage, the one is currently out of stock (surprise surprise ) and the other simply doesn't stock federal. You'll simply have to shop further afield if you want that particular brand of ammo. I believe that CS sporting mainly stock RWS/Gecco have you tried that, most shooters regard the brand very highly.
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    I am not going to loose much sleep over it. I do like the Powershok as they shoot well, I have alway had to buy the max I am allowed when I find them locally, so although they are available local, they alway seem to be in short supply, CS sporting have got Powershok 180g in stock but that two heavy for what I want. Sportsman unsure if and when they will have them, if no joy Further afield will try the RWS however have just set new tactical scope up on 308 with Powershok 150 g so would be a bit of a pain to do the calculations again.
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    E.D SIMPSON and son Shepshed Leics ,they dont have a website but theyre on Facebook<im not>.bought my last box from them a few months ago they had Power Shock in 150 and 180 gr atb
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