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Thread: Lyme disease

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    Lyme disease

    I had Lyme disease in 1995 from which I made a full recovery though it took a long time laid up for twelve weeks and a full year before I felt fit again,developed heart disease six years ago which the specialist said could be a result of the Lyme disease but he could not be 100%. certain.
    When I contracted Lyme I did not have the red bulls eye.

    My ground is tick prolific and being bitten is a regular occurrence , last week I had several tick bites
    all removed fairly quickly I think (know the greatest risk is if they have been attached for twenty four hours or longer)
    Two days after being bitten the typical bullseye appeared at one bite site which then rapidly expanded to a couple of inches in diameter
    contacted my doctors surgery first available appointment Friday the 20th May.

    So far so good until today, today the bulls eye has all but disappeared leaving a mark that looks like a faint bruise
    sure it will have gone completely by Friday leaving nothing to show the doctor, does the fact that the bulls eye has disappeared mean there is unlikely go be infection? How long is the bulls eye normally visible for? Should I keep the appointment?
    Any doctors or experts on Lyme disease on here?
    Should add I have no other symptoms, yet!

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    Scary stuff. I hope it all turns out ok for you. Take photos of what remains to show your doctor.

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    Hi Jim, think it better to go and let him see how it looks. It may have gone as far as you are concerned but it is also a learning curve for many of the doctors. The more stages and signs they see , the better for next time with some other person. I think we are both at the stage of having had it in various forms. Now when we get bitten the ticks will be saying" Not these tough old buggers again"! Hopefully see you at Scone....John
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    All the best bogtrotter - I'd suggest keeping the appointment and making sure they know of your history with Lyme when you see them. Doctors are pretty good at believing you when you tell them what you found after the bite even if nothing visible at the time.
    Fingers crossed.
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    Hi Boggy,

    I contracted Lyme about 5 years ago. Didn't have the bulls eye bite either. I got lucky and thanks to Morena on the site giving me some useful advice at the time, I ended up being treated pretty quickly. But it took 2 blood tests.
    It has left me with arthritis in some joints, which although it does not stop me from most normal activities, it has made my knees weak.

    My advice is to pursue it and insist on a blood test straight away, Lyme takes all sorts of forms in the body and attacks many different parts of the body. Get it checked out mate, no if's not buts from the doctor.
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    Not good news Jim. I am no expert for sure but I would certainly think that a precautionary MOT would be in order?

    I'm back at work again now (finally) but will be in touch to work out some timings for a wee wander round the ground some weekend in July (after Scone obviously!)

    All the best,

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    The rash always goes away by itself anyway, to hide in your system and come back later; THIS DOES NOT MEAN THE LYME HAS CLEARED UP BY ITSELF, in fact it almost certainly has not. Did you take a photo of the rash to show the Doc? Unfortunately a lot of GPs aren't very clued up about Lyme, you need to insist on the course of antibiotics and don't let them fob you off.

    There is a British Lyme (Foundation??) website that can offer advice too. If I can find it again I'll post the link.

    My daughter got Lyme on Exmoor a few years ago; because she was under 8 at the time they could not give her the antibiotic that really works (Deoxycycline or something?) and they had to give her 14 days of amoxicillin, which is not as good. She suffers from chronic fatigue symptoms to this day . . .
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    here it is . . .

    Lyme Disease Action Lyme Disease Action: Striving for the prevention and treatment of Lyme disease and associated tick borne diseases.

    Not sure it's successfully hyper-linked; might need to copy and paste into browser . . .
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    Take a photo for the doc ...,also I have been using BEN's wipes ,They are a mossi wipe with deet but do keep the ticks off theuy work ,also been using them in Africa with pepper ticks

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    also forgot to mention ,its been suggested before that you build up immunity once you have had tick borne fevers ask the doc ,perhaps someone on here might know more

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