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Thread: Level 2 portfolio turn around times?

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    Level 2 portfolio turn around times?

    What is the average length of time that people are waiting to hear back after they have submitted their completed portfolios?


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    mine took about 6 weeks

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    3 weeks door to door with Barony, but have heard plenty of stories of many weeks / several months.

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    Six weeks and counting...........

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    Sent mine off at the end of march, it was assessed within 2 weeks and sent to be verified, haven't heard anything since.
    Virtutis Gloria Merces

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    Far too many variables really to predict. Some assessment centres seem to process quicker than others. Then there's postage times as well as some portfolios needing to be returned. Assessors need to speak to both candidate and up to 3 AW's, any of which could be away on holiday, busy with other work etc..
    Then the portfolio has to be Internally Verified and returned to DMQ who then have to administrate and finally award the qualification. It's not quite as simple a process as some might think.
    However, the whole process is likely to change for the better soon which should reduce the time and make things much easier for all concerned.

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    All sorted now. I spoke with my assessor last night and all is good with my portfolio. Hopefully get L2 certificate through in the next couple of weeks. Patience has never been my strongest point..................

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    Just under 4 weeks from sending it till it landed on my doorstep this morning

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    Last portfolio I AW'd for took upwards of four months to be returned.
    I hasten to add it was a very comprehensively completed portfolio, with no omissions so did not need to be rectified in any way.

    Apparently it was lost in transit somewhere; given the work and expense that go into completing these, the subsequent level of service offered in having them assessed and the qualification awarded to the candidate leaves a lot to be desired. A complete lack of traceability and continuity springs to mind.

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    Still waiting for the bit of paper................

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