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Thread: Roe sack

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    Roe sack

    Can anyone recommend a decent Roe sack that compresses or folds up neatly when not carrying game? I want to avoid bulky designs as the land I shoot is pretty rough going and there's a lot of snags and bushes. I'd be interested in any feedback on the Napier Apex as that looks close in design to what I'm after, and perhaps on some of the more compact Harlika ones. Ideally want something that would neatly house gralloching kit, compact bins etc. Not interested in big bulky canvas sacks.

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    Phil ogdens stuff is great, supplied by monarch country supplies on here,

    its a big bum bag with 2 extra pouches, the roe sack fits in the bum bag, I looked at the Napier , but for 20 quid more the ogdens one is far superior, it will last you a life time



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    Ikea shopping bag ,folds up into top pocket

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    Thanks guys. The Yool sack appeals as it looks like something that could be packed into a handy waist pack.

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    I've been using the Decathlon 'bodybag' for smaller deer - the bigger ones need to be recovered either in the sledge or with the tractor! It's only 15, rolls up small enough to fit in a pocket or bumbag, and is leakproof.

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    I find a pigeon decoy bag from jack pike complete with rucksack straps does the job plus its cheap and keeps the car clean.

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    Naiper Predator - waist bag and roe sack in one.

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    The sacks from Monach are great. The best I have seen,

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    Quote Originally Posted by McKenzie View Post

    I can get 2 in mine comfortly.

    Regards Kev
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