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    Talking Finn Aagaard Books

    I've come across a few articles about Finn Aagaard on some American forums, and I'd like to find out more about him. I've had a quick look on Amazon, but his books seem pretty expensive...from around 40 for a paperback to over 200 for a hardcover! Any comments would be welcome before I decide whether to make a purchase.
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    Fin Aagaard is probably one of my favorite writers in the firearms field . He only wrote about things he had personally done and was brutally honest when it came to testing firearms or other hunting equipment .Everything he wrote was good common sense and was based on many years in the field . He hunted many times in Alberta and was very well respected around here , they don't make them like that anymore . I run across his books fairly regularly at gunshows around here at very reasonable prices , $20 to $50 Canadian . PM me your address and I'll send you what I can find , it's on me . What particular editions are you looking for ?
    I also have about 25 years of Rifle and Handloader magazines , which Finn was a regular contributor to for many years . What are you interested in ? I can send you some issues with his stories if you like .


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    A very fine man. Really enjoy his stories about Africa.

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    Thank you for the replies. I have just pm'd you, Alberta Boy.

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