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Thread: New seat in position

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    New seat in position

    Seat in position and view from below it...
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    Looks good, but was that a pole that was replaced? I'm guessing that the combined weight of the seat + you with all your kit would go to about 250kg?
    Seems an awful lot of stress to place on one side of an old piece of timber? I'm not sure I'd be happy up there on a windy day. Good luck.

    Maybe you could join the ladder to the front which would make it easier to get in and could also share some of the load?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarvis View Post
    Seat in position and view from below it...
    Looks far to the woodland, the forth pic is the money shot for me.

    Stalking is very much like going to the night club

    You can always tell an Essex Boy, just you cant tell him much...

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    Nice view and a nice truck.. More thought needed for the high seat set up though.. Just as a foot note don't fit a chocolate crane to the Navara bed..

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    I've just done a bit of research and it would appear that poles are replaced when they fail an inspection for external and even internal decay by a form of ultrasound. This basically means that they are deemed unsafe to climb by a man weighing probably no more than 100kg and close to the pole. What you have there is effectively more than twice that weight and out on a lever! It might not snap this year or even next year - but it will eventually. I dread to think what the consequences of that would be. Please be very careful and give serious consideration for supporting the weight under the front of the seat. Otherwise you may just have put an awful lot of effort into killing yourself!
    Please be safe!

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    Thanks for replies and thoughts on it folks. Yes it's an old telegraph pole but I put in place and dug hole 6.5ft deep it's solid. The ladder is at the back and anchored into position and strapped to the top of the post so if the pole fell forward the ladder would hold into position and same if fell backwards. If was a windy day I wouldn't be up there anyway.
    In a ideal world I would have the ladder at the front but the shoot owners wanted it at the back so had to make adjustments as they didn't want it to stand out and be on show as its part of a pheasant drive.
    I have two handles and a foot step to help me get into the seat.
    The woodland with the pen in the is the picture with my truck and that wood is 180 yards away.
    of worse come to worse I could always put some wooden supports at the front and sides of the post.

    cheers Jarvis

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    Ach that's looks fine Jarvis -just the job . I made 2 wood high seats for a fella to replace the 170 piece of junk highseat he had bought .The only thing you will have to look out for is BT don't run a line from it.Im not a high seat man but looking at the grass you are on a winner there.

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    Looks the beess knees!
    Only one small concern your legs might get sore dangling if your up there for any length of time.
    But otherwise brilliant!

    Let us know how it works for the deer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuckyEddie View Post
    Looks the beess knees!
    Only one small concern your legs might get sore dangling if your up there for any length of time.
    But otherwise brilliant!

    Let us know how it works for the deer.
    cheers, going to put some pipe insulation to cushion legs and should be no problem getting free from it got a good population of muntjac and roe to go at!

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