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Thread: Caught the doe...and the buck

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    Caught the doe...and the buck

    The day started a bit wet, but when I was walking the dogs I could see the sky clearing to the North, so when I got back I grabbed the camera and headed down the track.

    Turned out to be a good plan, as I soon came across the doe grazing away in one of the large hay meadows:

    She quickly lost her nerve and ran away across the field.

    Moving further down, I turned a corner to look into the cover crop field and quickly realised my mistake in not spying more carefully, as a small roe buck ran from the hedgeline across the field towards the wood:

    Note to self; caution should always be the watchword, whether stalking with rifle or camera.
    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Your pictures never disappoint.

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