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Thread: Question for .22 LR shooters using turrets in the field

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    Question for .22 LR shooters using turrets in the field

    I posted a question last year about who uses ballistic reticles and who uses turret elevation adjustments in the field.

    Now, for those who adjust bullet drop by knob twisting, I am asking how you do that.
    Do you use range finders?
    Do you use Mil Dots and then turn the turret?
    Do you zero for 50 yards and carry a range card for clicks or MOA for 60, 75, 90, 100, etc?
    How many of you also use parallax adjustment on your scopes?
    How often do you end up using Kentucky holdover?

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    I dont use Mil dots to range find by bracketing its to inaccurate for small targets at ranges i cant Estimate accurately by eye

    I dont use Parallax adjustment for range-finding again its too inaccurate at the longer ranges (much over 50yrds and thats with a 50x power scope and big wheel I used to shoot FT at national level so have a lot of experience on this)

    I have and carry/use a laser rangfinder and will use it when time allowed

    I know my shoots and have pre ranged much of the area so have a pretty good idea

    I have a full Click chart on the Gun Butt and carry it set at to give a Point blank range that im expecting where the laser may not have time to be used.

    I can use Kentucky holdover If Needed usually for close snap shooting

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    I zero at 50m and then use a balistic retical for the rest

    Zeroed at 50m my ret allowes for head shot rabbit out to 100m on a good day off a bipod

    My scope has paralex and yes I ocasionaly use that as a range finder

    I carry a range finder for long shots when i have the time to set up

    Kentucky hold over used a lot when guestimating the range.

    Isnt that half the fun of a 22 LR sub?


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    Mil-dots can be used as a BDC, great for ranging faster than other methods when practised and you do not take your eye of the prize which is a bonus. Kentucky holdover all the way, no dailing in. Good to have a chart just to remind you which mil-dot at what range and wind.

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    Hawke do some rimfire scopes (in their HD glass) with illuminated rets calibrated for 22LR, two versions, one for sub and one for super sonic bullets. I bought one to try and whilst it'll never be smack on at the magnification they say due to variations in barrel lengths and ammo, it's close enough to fine tune. I've been quite impressed with it and used it out to 200 yards (gong) with surprising accuracy (eley subs). I have to have mine on about 6.5 x magnification to achieve the 100 yd drop indicated by the ret. You zero to 50 yds and have graduations in 25 yd intervals to 200. Once you calibrate it to your bullets, it takes the need for guessing the elevation away. No dialling and no guess work. Just use a range finder, pick the right point on the ret, and squeeze the trigger. Of course you still need to allow for windage...

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    Mildot/stadia and a pair of RF bins

    only dial on static ambush spots, takes to long when on the hoof doing multiple ranges in short time

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    I used mil dots, ballistic reticles ( Burris and Bushnell ) and guesstimation with Kentucky holdover - no turrets in the field, only on testing ammo and figuring how a .22 shoots different ammo ( 4-12x40 AO fine crosshair, target turrets, 1/8 MOA clicks ).

    I am not surprised to find that those who use turrets and crosshair often don't find time to range precisely and turn the elevation in the field. I would like to hear more details from those who do change the elevation, and the situations in which they employ this.

    One advantage of turrets is that they work at any power setting, whereas a BDC or mil dot reticle is intended to be used at a single power setting.

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    All my .22LR rabbit shooting is done at various ambush points around my permissions sitting on a stool with my Anschutz 1417 .22LR, Bushnell Legend mildot scope, winnie subs, trigger sticks tripod, LRF, strelok ballistic app....point and shoot.

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    For 22LR I use a ballistic ret scope with the SFP ret magnification calibrated to actual bullet drop for the Eley subs that I use. I have used this with great accuracy in combination with a LRF (Leica 1600B). With 22LR you'd be forever twiddling the turret knobs if choosing to dial in which event your quarry could be long gone. At the short-ish distances of 22LR, and knowing roughly the size of your target, holding off for wind isn't a big problem once practised.

    For my CF rifles, the 308 doesn't get used out past 200yds as I prefer to be closer in so it doesn't need any dialling or adjustment, just point and shoot, with some wind allowance once out past 100 yds. For the 223 and longer range vermin control, I dial. Its the only really accurate way and even then you're at the mercy of variable wind conditions. I use the Leica to check range for the 223 as well and the Strelok ballistic app on my phone. For longer shots I also carry a small anemometer for checking wind strength and look for wind signs close to the target and compare with wind strength at the shooting position, averaging for a best guesstimate. A small waist pack holds my kit and ammo and is no problem to take most outings with me.
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    In the days when I didn't have a mil-dot scope I was using a 6.5-20x40 Leupold on 20x and dialling. After using my early Bushnell LRF. Still use the LRF but find holding off using Mil-dots a lot less faff. Plus Leupold would be the only dialling turret I would trust back then based on shooting Air Rifle in Field Target.
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