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Thread: 223 ackley semi custom

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    223 ackley semi custom

    223 ackley
    Tikka t3 action
    Border 1/12 twist varmint barrel 22 inch
    Macmillan sporter stock
    Bottom metal
    Larger mag release clip
    Metal shroud
    Tactical bolt nob
    Atec mod
    Thread cap
    Third eye 20 moa rail
    Redding comp dies
    200 once fired lapua brass
    This rifle just shoots fantastic from 40gr standard 223 Hornady ammo to home loads with 40gr nozler and 52gr amax a fantastic foxing tool and one i may regret selling

    100 yards

    200 yards

    420 yards

    Mint rifle not had many rounds as its been for foxing mainly

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    Open to offers for one of the most accurate rifles I've had using both factory ammo and home loads both do the job fantastic


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    any offers for an excellent rifle ��


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    Shoots just as good with factory 223 ammo as home loads
    get the best of both


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    Good shooting, looking rifle. Bump

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    Quote Originally Posted by HowaU View Post
    Good shooting, looking rifle. Bump
    Cheers pal
    good deal to be had I'll chuck some bullets, primers and powder in just drop a scope on and happy days


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    Open to sensible offers for a great rifle


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    Quote Originally Posted by gaz6br View Post
    Can't believe this aint gone!
    I've got an ackley in 223 for foxing,currently still using 52gr amax but looking to zing along the 40gr vmax.
    Its all been done for you,just load up and shoot.
    Good luck and I'm sure who ever gets it will be amazed.

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