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    Wedding present

    Hello folks,
    Long story short !,
    I have an American friend who I first met at the Montrose basin shooting Geese over 35 years ago. We shared many a day at the geese, ducks, pheasants and pigeons as well as a bit of fishing.
    Larry had never shot any of our deer over here so I arranged things and he ended up with a Stag and a few Roe bucks. Larry and his good wife were sent back to the states eventually.(military posting ) not deported !lolol Sadly I haven’t seen him for the last 30 years. I do keep in touch and with social media these days ,your never far away.

    Low and behold , his son Steven and his new wife Katie (both US military) have been posted to Lakenheath for 2 years.

    I still have to give them a wedding present and as they are both into “hunting”, I thought maybe I could get them onto a stalk or two down closer to where they live.( I live in Aberdeenshire !).

    Would there be anyone willing to take the two of them out for a cull beast of any description ,so they can have another memory and pictures to take home with them when they get posted somewhere else in the future. They will have to use an estate rifle as they don’t have their own over here .

    I am banking on the generosity of SD members to maybe have some time to help these two get started. I don’t have a problem paying any outof pocket expenses etc but don’t want to go down the full on commercial stalking side of things.
    I been keepering up here in Aberdeenshire for 30 years socan return the favour if you ever venture this far up !

    If anyone thinks they can help out then please send a PM andwe can sort it out from there .

    Thank you guys

    I have posted this in general stalking ? and opportunities so admin please delete whichever one is in the wrong place .
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    Give Kerrie a call at Hockham deer management that's about 15 miles away ,she might be able to assist ,
    ps guys I used to get a lot of cheap steak and beer from Lakenheath base out of the commissaries you never know ......1 good turn ......etc.

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