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Thread: Stalking Wanted - Muntjac

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    Stalking Wanted - Muntjac

    Anybody got a good contact for muntac stalking?? dont mind travelling for decent quality.



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    Hi Leon

    Give me a ring 07778914973 I have a contact for you.


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    Try Hunting experiences .com

    i went with them back in march april time down suffolk, superb time. proper place with proper folk.


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    Hi Leon

    Saw your post through another Member and just wanted to let you know that I have muntjac on the ground if you are interested.

    You can ring me on 01544 340371.



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    Hi Leon,

    We are 10 miles from the origin of muntjac in this country and have plenty.

    However dont take my word for it as i might be biased!

    Check out all my references on this forum and check our refs and pics,videos on

    refs are from the oct,nov this year and the video in woodland has not been stalked yet this season apart from that day.

    Chinese also available.

    Good luck wherever you decide to stalk

    kind regards


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    Hi Leon,

    Might be worth giving Mike Allison a shout at Jelen Deer Services down in Hampshire. They manage a cracking estate which hold a fair amount of Munties, along with Roe & Fallow.
    You can email Mike on

    Good luck

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    check the date of the op........
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Cheers for the replies gents.

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