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    hello there

    hello my name is gordon im 48 an was virtually brought up on a farm in east calder. i now live in edinburgh.
    i worked as a butcher/slaughterman for over a decade. i enjoy getting out into the countryside with my dog( flat coat retriever}.
    i am always on the hunt for road kill and i have my steel an boning knife always in my van.i do have an air rifle but it doesnt get used much ( the wife dont like it.). i reckon what im looking for is the chance to get out with others with a passion for outdoors and learn about the stalking. im willing to tag along with anyone who would be willing to let me, i want to be able to use my butchering skills once again, ( can have a pig gutted plucked and quartered in 5mins).i wouldnt be a hindrence . anyone who would wish to let me share their day ? please i would love it.

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    Welcome to the site,

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    Hi Gordon
    Welcome to the site there is always someone looking for help in butchering so hopefully you will get a trade of with someone


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    You sound like the perfect guy to take on an elk hunt. Welcome.

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