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Thread: Crow hunting

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    Crow hunting

    First video in a while. I got a couple of hours out on a field of drilled spring barley that was attracting the attention of quite a few corvids. They came brave & steady throughout the 2 hour session and was my shooting was decent for the most part. Ended up with 41 mixed corvids, 3 grey crows & 6 feral pigeons.

    Stay tuned to the end for the bloopers section lol.

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    some nifty shootin there Ollie well done

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    What camera do you use Ollie & how do you mount it ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sauer View Post
    What camera do you use Ollie & how do you mount it ?
    You can get straps that work the same as a head-torch for Go-Pro or similar.

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    Hi McKenzie

    I'm thinking it must be head mouthed GoPro or similar


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    If you mean head-mounted then I agree. If you mean head mouthed then I'm afraid you're on your own!

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    Bloody auto correct , mini iPad & fat fingers!

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    Nice shooting what's cartridges are they

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    Some great shooting there Ollie, not easy with a bright sun in your eyes.
    Throughly enjoyed watching that.

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