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Thread: Lyman gen 6 thoughts

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    Lyman gen 6 thoughts

    Does anyone have any experience of using one of these, good or bad opinions appreciated please. I know not everyone is a fan of electronic measures over mechanical throwers. I use imr 4831, 4064, rl19 and will be loading for a .223 soon. Thanks in advance.

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    Do it get one
    Got mine and consistently accurate as advertised to 0.1grn .
    & it's cheaper than the rcbs charge master but as efficient
    Mates have the charge master I have lyman gen6 & no regrets


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    Thanks Paul, most of what I've read seems positive. I can't justify rcbs money so the gen 6 would be my choice.

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    I'm really apprehensive about electronic scales. I spent a year thinking my rifle wouldn't shoot. But it turned out to be my scales.

    I know things should have been checked etc. So it's entirely my dumb fault.

    But from reading reviews of this product I may look into one further.

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    Quote Originally Posted by labrador77 View Post
    Thanks Paul, most of what I've read seems positive. I can't justify rcbs money so the gen 6 would be my choice.
    I was exactly the same , I'd heard varied reports regarding earlier generations but all good regarding this one .

    Usually precautions , have it on a really solid surface no drafts etc ... Heard of folk loading a round & it's on the same table : bench as the press & doing a load when bench getting thumped by press etc ... I have mine just to side but seperate surface ... Been really good

    Got mine from 1967spud ... But I did hear he was waiting on a batch , worth a shout great lad to deal with

    With regards to "trusting " the scales you could always keep a beam set handy & double check every 5th 10th whatever for peace of mind


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    I've had a Gen 6 for the last 2 years. It's well designed and easy to clean out after use and I'm happy with it generally. I wish the touchpad screen was slightly less fiddly. It meters N135, N140 and Reloder 10X well, H4895 less so. With H4895 it tends to over-dispense.

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    Got one meters all types of powders I've used, Ramshot Magnum, H4895, Lilgun.

    wouldnt be without one.

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    Looks like the debit cards coming out of hibernation at the end of the month! Thanks for all your comments. I'll give Spud a shout. Atb.

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    When I was looking for a Gen 6 , the cheapest supplier I found was CDSG. They are very responsive & call back when they say they will & also have quick ways of getting hold of what stock they don't carry. (e.g. - Next day on Lyman stuff).


    p.s. Lyman are great for spares - I needed to get some seals for one so I just emailed them in the USA & they put them in the post FOC.
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