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Thread: Rabbit Treats

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    Rabbit Treats

    It's rabbit overload here at the moment - can / is anyone curing or preserving rabbit as dog treats or can anyone point me in the right, instructional direction?
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    Ive just got a dehydrator, Ive been stripping off all the flesh rolling the belly bit and just bunging the rest in at 70 degrees as well as throwing in lungs liver heart and kidneys (I cut them in half) had no complaints from dog seems to take about 12 hours

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    Thanks - I read mixed reviews regarding dehydrators but might give it a go - are there any other ways of preserving?
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    If you want to try something different casserole a Rabbit in Tomato soup.
    You will find the recipe here ..
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    I dehydrate rabbit, pheasant in season and venison pluck in a dehydrator I bought from Bushwear that works well. Before I bought the machine I would put thin strips on a tray in the oven with the oven on very low which works.

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    This is for the dogs owner. What about making rabbit sausage? Ill bet the French know how to make it. Rabbit and boar sausage???? Fennel seed, cumin, and garlic powder? Perhaps some sun dried tomatoes? Just making this up as I go along. Sounds good.

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