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Thread: Handmade Hunting Knife

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    Handmade Hunting Knife

    I have just commisioned a new Foxwell knife and need to clear a few out to cover the costs.

    So here goes

    An unused, unsharpened Foxwell handmade Hunter with acacia wood handles. the steel is ATS34 hardened to 58 Rockwell in beautiful leather sheath. Hollow ground blade with secondary bevel, tapered tang, stainless pins.Superb condition, OAL is 160mm, blade is 65mm

    80 including RSMD no offers

    And also I have for sale a BNIB hand made Puma Prince folder with optional leather sheath. Unused. I will get pictures of actual knife but it is new and googleing will get you images. 5" folder, clip point with stag handles made in Solingen Germany

    100 including RSMD no offers

    If you know about knives you will know these are top quality and bargains.

    OVER 18 only.
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    I would like the foxwell please

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    Don't suppose you have another Foxwell for sale?

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    Puma Prince

    Pm's replied to

    The foxwell is a work of art, that is why i have commisioned another.

    here are some pics of the Puma, more to follow...when I find the fecking sheath. I did buy it honest...... but the knife is in the box in the safe but sheaths dont need to be locked up so I put it somewhere safe. (how often do i do that)

    tomorrow is another day

    New pictures of actual Puma Knife for those interested.

    Foxwell is sold.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails prince 1.JPG   Prince 2.JPG   Prince 3.JPG   Prince 4.JPG   Prince 5.JPG  

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    I know why your getting shut Dieseldan you want a knife like mine after putting your hands on it you have become green with envy well mine is not for sale pictures to follow.

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    Decent knife is wasted on you as you are a knuckle dragging...............

    keep it clean, I put a nice double beveled on it for you so it is easy to sharpen and will hold its edge.

    If you dare to play top trumps with me on knifes I will get out the big guns.
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    hi mate ,how much for the puma lock knife posted .atb steve

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    100 including RSMD no offers

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    foxwell received safe and sound, absolutely stunning wood! pictures really didn't do it justice, what a lovely little knife thank you

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