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Thread: N150 metering

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    N150 metering

    Does anyone else have trouble throwing N150? All other powders I have used meter great, but last night I resorted to using a dipper.

    Any other powders that don't meter too well?

    Cheers leon

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    H1000 meters very poorly. I now check every round against a known good round on accurate scales

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    Which powder thrower are you using, Viht extruded stick powders work pretty well on my Lee Perfect Powder measure and in my Hornady L&L auto dispenser.
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    Hi Jeff, I have never had trouble before with the LEE powder thrower(N140, H414, RS52, RELOADER 17).

    This N150 was even getting stuck in the funnel, just looks really rough.

    I have been on the lookout for another thrower.

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    Worst powder, for me was H4831SC. Stanard long grain metered well. I used an RCBS Uniflow and it's baffle. But I've since sold it and reverted to Lyman's 55 Measure. It has a knocker. Thete's one on our classified forum. Not mine! But they are time proven.

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    Viht works well in the Lee perfect powder measure.

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    It should look exactly the same as the N140, they're both extruded stick.

    It hasn't got damp at some point has it?, I had someone with a similar problem with some N140 they'd bought, it was "decanted" from a bulk supply stored in a rather old cardboard tub, it certainly didn't look as clean and shiny as any of the Viht powders I have.
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    I'll look into a lyman 55, cheers.

    Jeff, it was a brand new sealed 1kg tub, it looks like short fat extruded grains( but slightly rough)

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    I find it easy to block the funnel with N150 if not swirled against the funnel taper.

    Lee perfect measure sometimes feels to chop a grain but easily sheds a bit of Ramshot TAC, need to take it apart I think?

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    My Lee powder measure will sometimes chop a grain of H4895. Other than that it's..perfect.john

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