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Thread: Gday from Australia

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    Gday from Australia

    Hi, I've just joined up. Having a read, this forum looks very informative with friendly members.

    I live in country Victoria, Australia. Here we have Sambar, Red, Fallow and Hog deer nearby. In other parts of Aust further north we have Rusa and Chittal.

    My calibres range from 17 HMR on bunnies and foxes up to 9.3x62 for Sambar and Buff.

    Looking forward to getting an insight into UK stalking. I was in the UK and Ireland last year and next time I'm over I'd be keen to have a crack at the Roe stalking.



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    Greetings, welcome to the site, nice part of the world your in.

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    Hi and welcome.
    I have heard getting your firearms certificate can be a bit difficult in Aus, how did you find it?
    Regards Mike.

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    Thanks guys.

    I've had mine for nearly twenty years but it's not too bad. In Victoria the process is basically;

    Do a safety course and exam (Takes a few hours).

    Obtain a genuine reason for the class of firearm you want. A genuine reason could be membership of a rifle/shotgun/pistol club, a letter from a farmer saying you can shoot pests on his land or a game licence issued by the gov't to hunt deer/ducks/quail.

    Fill out the application and attach the cert from the safety course and the proof of genuine reason. Get some ID documents sighted by a witness and send it all in. There's a 28 day waiting period and all going well you get sent your licence.

    Thats the brief precis.

    Then for every new firearm you want you have to apply for a permit to aquire. This is just another beaurocratic hoop to go through.

    The gun laws here are basically designed to make it hard for shooters in order to discourage people from doing it and thus minimising the number of shooters. There's quite a strong anti gun lobby here unfortunately. Mostly latte sippers who never leave the inner suburbs of Melbourne.



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    THe latte sippers are the same in the UK too mate. Welcome to the site.

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    Deer Dog Available
    And once you have your licence you duck into the DSE office and buy a deer stamp for stalking Sambar!

    $45 Aussie bucks and its for as many as you can shoot in the next 12 months,any sex,size,shape or age and with several million acres of public land to hunt on legally!

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    welcome aboard. HOw can a an outsider (from britain) hunt there? Some safari operaters charge a lot of money. Is there a cheaper option?
    Born to hunt, forced to work.

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    Welcome to the site. Been out your way for sambar and hog deer, saw some sambar but didn't get a shot. Nice country



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