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Thread: For Sale BRNO 243

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    For Sale BRNO 243

    I have decided to have a bit of a clean out and get rid of a few of my guns. I am selling my BRNO 243 ZKK600. I have had it from new and it has had about 5-600 rounds through it. I don't know what factory rounds it like as I have only ever fed it my own reloads.

    It has a S&B 6X42 Hungarian scope fitted and is screw cut for a moderator. It is I believe a half inch UNF to suit a T8, I have the over barrel collar for it, it has a single set trigger.

    As it is complete with scope 475 or thereby, plus RFD P&P if necessary.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Looks like a good honest set up at a sensible price for someone starting out. JC

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    Quote Originally Posted by JC275 View Post
    Looks like a good honest set up at a sensible price for someone starting out. JC
    Was thinking exactly that JC, but a young lad will want a T3 or something with cammo print.....

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Fair point, T3's kill deer much deader than Brnos! JC

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    i have a simlar set up but a 601. the plan was to upgrade when i got the funds. i now have no intention of upgrading it regardless of finance it shoots and handles very well. if i was on the lookout for a .243 then i would go for this no doubt.

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    I have the same set up as Pete Evans and could not agree more. I highly recommend this rig.


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    aaaaaggghhhhh....if only this was a couple of years down the line!!!! It looks a lovely rifle...and i would have snapped your hand off for that but having just got my hmr i cant afford another for a year or two till i save if you dont manage to sell [sure you will though] put it back and forget about it for a while [about 2 years pales] then re advertise!!!


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    I am getting "tired and Emotional" now as it is late oclock, but I just had a mini rant on a very similar topic RE: 223

    This is a 1st class stalking setup. It is nice and simple proven good rilfe , proven fixed power optics. you cannot go wrong. If I move my 22-250 i might look for another 243 for the prodigal son, but time will tell and this is exactly what I would buy.

    why does everyone want a fecking TIKKA T3??????????????????????????????????

    It is the nut behind the bolt that matters.

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    Wish my FAC had arrived Still a way to go yet ..... Its looks exactly what Im looking for at a price I can afford

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    Come on chaps does nobody love it enough to buy it?

    It can be had for 425

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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