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Thread: Bino Harness

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    Bino Harness

    Just treated myself to some 8-42 rangefinder bino's, can anyone recommend a decent harness for them.

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    Bushwear do a cheap but very good harness
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    If you've got the new Swarovski 8 X 42 rangefinders with the push and twist attachment for the strap. You can buy their 'Bino Suspender Pro' harness. The same harness will also work with the older style loop fixing.

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    Much better than competitors as it has broad straps, is easy to adjust and has quick release fasteners to attach/release the binos.

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    s4 lockdown check dimensions though 8x42slc fit the large OK

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    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    s4 lockdown
    It fits my Leica HD-B nicely

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    2p worth
    I Had them on my old ELs but found they got in the way when prone so moved back to the way the guys in Africa carry them, on the hip over the shoulder easy to use and lay just above the hip out of the way when not in use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shootgun View Post
    It fits my Leica HD-B nicely
    I have the hdb Leicas, where can I get the lockdown and what size fits?

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    Exactly what I have delta wolf, and the best so far are the S4 lockdown's (my opinion)

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    I really like my new Monarch ones

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