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    NV wolf....

    Well I finally purchased an NV last week.

    I phoned my pal with the good news and set a date to go out after some bunnies, (hope the farmer is going to be pleased). I arrived at my pals 21.00 on Saturday, I plonked my black suitcase with the NV in on the table along with my .22 rim fire. I opened the box and got all the kit out and for a giggle thought I`d time myself against all the marketing blurb I`d read and seen on you-tube, of setting up this outfit in the dark within 60 seconds.

    Now here`s a thing. I`m in the light under no pressure. Can I get this blessed rubber tube over the eye piece of my scope - Not a cat in hells chance, it`s how I would imagine an elephant trying to get a human condom on! Ah, I remember what is says in the instructions, boil a kettle of water and plop said item into the water and hey presto job done. Well I boil the kettle and have a brew whilst this piece of what at best can be described as a hollowed out Rubber Bullet softens. 10 minuets later I fish this floppy piece of rubber out of the bowl, and what`d you know it`s on my scope nice and snug. Point to ponder, where does one get a kettle and water in the middle of nowhere? No iv`e not been a boy scout. I Finally after arriving 45 minutes earlier I have everything set up. It looks the business, I then needed to take time focusing the video screen against my friends neighbours wall. This will become apparent as I ramble on. All set up we get on our way its an hour to our permission and its now 22.00.

    As we head up the M1 the rain is now torrential, my pal is checking his iphone for the weather, it says showers. Well it says the NV is shower proof, so no problem. We finally get to our destination and the rain has abated. We have a very quick lamp around as my pal has brought his 22-250 in case Charlie should make an appearance. Nothing is showing so I decided to have a look in the trees with the night scope. The screen was very bright and I couldn`t make anything out. I twiddled the knob on top of the screen and still no joy. Then without warning the rain was back. We then decided to have a walk with lamp and 22-250 as I was reluctant to get my new NV soaked. We arrive back at the vehicle around 01.00 the rain had stopped, we haven`t seen anything. It`s such a filthy night the only thing likely to be out is us!! Anyway I decide to have a walk around with the NV as this was the reason we had made the effort on such a night.

    Now here`s the rub. I focused this fantastic piece of equipment on my friends neighbours wall.

    Well when I was looking down a ride my pal was behind me and said "can you see that rabbit," I replied no. He then said. "It`s on top of that upside down tree!" I then realised I`d got the scope pickup on upside down, and that was why I couldn`t see anything before. In my defence when I first focused the unit against the neighbours wall all I was looking at was stones and I hadn`t picked up on the unit being upside down!

    Needless to say it was a learning curve, thats my excuse and I`m sticking to it! We gave up at 01.30 and headed home, without a Fox or a Rabbit.

    The Wolf Nitesite once setup I feel will be worth the money. However on a very serious note I`ll state the obvious that most experienced Stalkers (shooters), should always take into consideration is having a good back drop. So knowing your ground is I feel of the utmost importance when using an NV.


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    The first time with nv is always the hardest. I have many conversations with people who are dissapointed with nv because they have set it up wrong or are unaware of the importance of IR light etc etc.

    it gets easier with time. I love my nv.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    Folk look thru it for 30 seconds & proclaim its crap ...
    Often you have to fiddle with parallex , or scope focus or all of the above
    Basically take the time to play around with settings & IR them all of a sudden you hit the sweet spot for your eyes


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    That is interesting as i keep changing between dedicated nv and add on!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ah8217bris View Post
    That is interesting as i keep changing between dedicated nv and add on!
    Longbow, problem sorted.......
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Singing Stalker View Post
    Longbow, problem sorted.......

    True but not cheap

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    The trouble with the Longbow is(1) that it's not based on a very good scope. For example, there's not enough dioptre correction for me to focus the crosshairs, and (2) that the whole system also has to be moved from one rifle to the next for different applications.

    What I like about my Cobra Titan rear-mounted add-on is that it goes on every rifle I own and shows me the familiar sight picture for each one.

    This is a strength of the Nite Site too, but it comes at the expense of familiarising yourself with a different shooting position, which isn't necessary with the Titan (barring a slight head adjustment or stock LoP adjustment, as applicable). FWIW, I shoot everything up to 6.5CM with the Titan without problems.
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    Most important thing with NV is that its set up right, otherwise things can get tricky fast, you really have to just keep tweaking the settings to what works for you.

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