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Thread: Wash in Permethrin to keep bugs away

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    Wash in Permethrin to keep bugs away

    Following on from previous threads does any body have any good recomendations to an available wash in insect repellant to kepp bugs and particularly ticks away. Yes Rovince clothing is available, but too expensive for dealing the whole family. Products seem to be widely available in the US, but only Life Systems in the UK and tahts for treating Mossy nets.

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    Lifesystems used to produce a Permethrin based treatment for mosi nets etc.. I couldn't say whether they still do but I hope so because I need to re-treat some clothing items. Time for some websuerfing, methinks.


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    Yup. They still sell it. It's now Lifesystems EX4 Mosquito repellant

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    Have you looked on eBay?

    A number of spray on products that 'last for 6 washes' on there:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orion View Post
    Have you looked on eBay?

    A number of spray on products that 'last for 6 washes' on there:
    Had a quick look at the above - 14.50p
    - isn't 'Deet" or something containing Deet sufficient?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edchef View Post
    Had a quick look at the above - 14.50p
    - isn't 'Deet" or something containing Deet sufficient?
    AFAIK products containing DEET can have adverse effects on certain manmade fibres/fabrics - whereas the one linked to is specifically sold for application to clothing.

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    BTW just found out that it appears that whilst good as a mozzie repellent DEET isn't the weapon of choice for ticks.

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    Yes for ticks you want to start killing them as soon as they climb onto
    your clothing. Permethrin is deadly to ticks but reasonably safe for humans
    and mammals ( but not cats).
    Commercial items , like Rovince or mosilife (and
    B.D.U.s) are treated in the factory with a secret formulation
    which binds the permethrin to the material permanently.

    Treating your outer clothing , especially trousers, with 0.5% permethrin
    is a good way to combat ticks getting up your trousers and into your pants.
    Spray outdoors- until wet - then allow to air dry
    It wont last as long as the branded clothing but you can treat your
    own clothes and sit in the heather a little more safely.

    Deet is a deterent for your skin and will dissolve some materials

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    Do you know any forestry contractors? Chances are that they may have permetrin based products used for treating saplings, to prevent weevils attacking them. Get some of the concentrate and dilute to same solution as the contractor would, then spray over outdoor clothing and allow to dry. Works a treat and is very cheap.

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    DEET is not sufficiently effective against ticks to be reliable. Permethrin is what I trust to do the job reliably.
    I worked for some time in outdoor education and occasionally worked with a young lady who had an intolerance of Permethrin. She used a DEET -based product against mossies, etc. and was confident that that was effective against ticks as well, until she had one latch on behind her knee. It must have been there for some time before she found and removed it. I heard some time later that, sadly, the bite resulted in infection and the eventual amputation of her leg below the knee. Since then I have always treated my trousers and socks with Permethrin and have never had any problems.
    As has already been said, Permethrin can have a reaction with some man-made materials, so test first before treatment in the way already described.

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