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Thread: Linseed & Fallow Deer?

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    Linseed & Fallow Deer?


    Does anyone have any experiance of Fallow on Linseed crops, as one of the farms I look after has just drilled hundreds of acres of it in a high density fallow area?

    Do they like the stuff does anyone know?

    Regs Lee

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    not sure about fallow but the munties and roe on my bit didnt seem too impressed, neither did the pigeons. i told the farmer (a mate) that in future he was only to plant crops that were attractive to target species.

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    Most browsing species including goats find Linseed particularly unpalatable. You think OSR gives them the sh*ts, just wait till they have a belly full of linseed.

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    I've previously had good results on both roe and fallow while shooting over linseed. Maybe it was drilled quite openly but there seemed to be plenty of weeds and all the stuff the roe like coming up between the crop - until they sprayed it anyway!

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    Two years ago our neighbour drilled two large fields of linseed along our boundary, both of which fields used to have a very reasonable population of fallow but during the year when linseed was in I very very rarley saw them, I doubt especially that they were eating it.

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