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Thread: Can an FAC holder import a gun bought abroad directly into the UK?

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    Can an FAC holder import a gun bought abroad directly into the UK?

    I am wondering if as an FAC holder, with an open slot for a particular weapon of that calibre and type, if I could buy that weapon legally abroad and bring it to the UK to be registered through the Police licensing authority? I would also as a matter of course inform the Police when I acquired the weapon abroad as it states on my current and renewed FAC. I would declare it at the border when importing it and pay the necessary tax too if required. I would also inform it all to the airline transporting me and the weapon and provide a hard locked case for it. It appears that it ought to be okay to do this. Any advice or idea if this is legal?

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    If the country you're exporting it from will accept your licence as enough for them to sell it to you, your FAC is your import certificate.... But rightly so you should declare it at customs.
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    Just curious, but would putting it on your EU firearms pass make this any easier?

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    Try the forum search facility as the subject has been covered on numerous previous threads and all the documents and the procedure you need to follow are linked.

    Biggest issue is likely to be getting the seller to accept that your FAC with a vacant slot is actually all you need and takes the place of an 'import licence'. If buying within the EU the seller will need to obtain a Transfer Licence' from their own authorities which must accompany the firearm, either as a personal import or via a carrier.

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    The previous threads seem to be very uncertain about all. We need a lawyer out there to comment. The country where I could buy the rifle is the USA. But if leaving the country with the rifle is the issue, then it looks likely that a USA export licence is required. Coming into the UK with the rifle I guess might require an import licence, but I am not sure about that. It is all a lot of trouble, but I want a rare calibre that I am told I will not get in Europe. Hence the question and effort to do this.

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    At the risk of repeating what has gone before, you will need to contact HMRC. They will give you permission for a personal import, - they are v helpful.
    Then you will need to get someone to sell you the gun you want - not so easy, so make this the first step. The point of import will be advised/agreed with you and the you can collect it if you have the relevant slot, i.e. in this country. Take your FAC or you wont be allowed to leave with it.
    I found getting someone in the US to sell me a .17 hornet was virtually impossible. I had the personal import clearance etc but for a single gun, not easy. Then of course the guntrade will call it a 'grey' import and guarantees will need to be confirmed before import or you will have a problem. Also check the gun is screw cut - in the appropriate way, whilst we accept US proof, that could turn out to be a issue.
    Good luck !

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    The calibre is .358 Winchester.

    I will talk to my potential sellers in USA further, so far they seem confident. Perhaps this a state by state issue? I have the slot on my FAC waiting. I would take my FAC for sure. I do not want to screw cut a lever action anyway. I will contact HMRC and ask about it. I have nothing to hide and I want to get it right.

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    Import Licensing Branch of the Department of Business, innovation & Skills are your point of contact not HMRC.

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    I have purchased two rifles in Germany and bought them back to the UK myself, I filled out the open slots and the shop stamped my FAC. Obviously keep the receipt.

    The problem may be at the USA end.
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