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Thread: Air weapons scotland

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    Air weapons scotland

    Phoned police scotland about forms for air weapon the new law starts 1st July the forms for new cert won't be ready untill the first of July ,will they need to issue temp cert or what.

    Your guess is good as mine ,very well thought out.

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    You have until the end of the year to actually obtain a certificate.

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    Well, to my mind, Scots airgun owners need then to write to their MSPs raosing these issues. Not in a confrontational manner but just stating they have an air rifle, they've been told no forms yet printed, and what does the MSP advise they do.

    If the MSP replies "lodge with a dealer" respond as to who will pay as if Police Scotland are at forms...then is only right that Police Scotland pay or provide acceptable, safe, storage at Police Scotland's expense. Don't suffer in silence..get writing!

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    I think you'll find most of your answers here if you take the time to look:

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    Still many questions not known,surely everything should be in place before it comes into force, they have enough time I am not blaming the police but the gov they wanted the law should done and dusted before issuing a date

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    Quote Originally Posted by theredfox View Post
    not blaming the police but the gov
    Yep. I believe Police Scotland actually advised against air rifle licensing. It beggars belief, it really does. For instance, apparently last year there were nine offences relating to air rifles. The majority of which (I can't recall the exact details, but they were possibly grouped offences) were related to improper storage (and probably raised by officers attending the premises for completely unrelated reasons) and one relating to someone being underage in possession of one. Hardly a crime wave, and all dealt with using existing legislation. And as I say, I don't know the exact details, but I think it'd be safe to assume the perpetrators might be the sort of people not likely to bother complying with other laws that decent folk abide by . . . . .

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    It should die with the sacking of that useless end
    So you I'm a cert holder so I'm ok till my certs run out , but so I need to hand certs in get them added ?


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    You're legal to hold onto any air weapons you presently possess until your FAC/SGC renewal .
    When you apply for your renewal you will also have to apply for an air weapons cert which will be a separate document for you to keep safely alongside your FAC and SGC.
    As I understand it, an air weapons cert will allow you to posses and acquire any number on non FAC air guns. I'm not sure whether or not they will be listed individually on your air weapons cert.
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    I wonder what they'd do if all UK stalkers applied, in case they wanted to bring an air rifle with them for rabbits on a stalking trip?

    I wonder if we could bring the system to it's knees. Like a real world DDOS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eddie P View Post
    I wonder what they'd do if all UK stalkers applied, in case they wanted to bring an air rifle with them for rabbits on a stalking trip?

    I wonder if we could bring the system to it's knees. Like a real world DDOS.
    It won't need anyone from outside Scotland to bring it to it's knees - if everyone up here who has an air gun applies for a certificate at the same time, the system will grind to a halt - and since it's the same people who will have to process the air weapon applications as do the applications/renewals and variations for SGCs and FACs, then current FAC and SGC holders are going to be very badly affected.



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